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Exercises for Hips

Exercises for Hips

At Home Exercises For Hips  Hips can be a big problem for some people, especially for women. When this part of your body is not balanced, it is detrimental to your overall appearance. Most of the common exercises we perform are simply not enough to tone and sculpt your hips. A regular exercise [...]

Losing Weight – Tips

Lose Weight & Stay Healthy Losing weight is not an easy task.It’s often a hard and arduous battle. Healthy eating and exercise has been proven to be the best strategy for losing weight. Here are some tips for losing weight that will get you started on the right foot towards a leaner, sexier [...]

Exercises For Lower Back

Exercises for lower back and lower back stretches are a great way to strengthen the core muscles of the lower back and at the same time help prevent lower back pain. These exercises are easy to perform at home, and additionally there is no need for expensive exercise equipment. Some instructions [...]
Total Body Workout Video

Total Body Workout – Video

30 Minute Total Body Workout Video Follow this full body workout routine and transform your body in less than 4 weeks, results may vary of course for each person, but stick to this program and with a healthy diet you WILL see results.

10 Minute – Fat Blasting Circuit – Workout Video

An effective ten minute workout video that will help you burn calories and shed the extra pounds.
warm up exercises

Warm Up Exercises

Various warm up exercises Warming up is a vital part of physical activity or exercise. Proper warm up exercises increase your body vitality and muscle elasticity. They are important for increasing the blood flow in the human body, while loosening up the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. [...]

Cardio Workouts at Home

Cardio workout at home without any equipment   Most of the people strive to remain fit and healthy; the easiest way to do so is cardio workouts at home. Cardio exercise activities increase the heart rate and ensure calories burning process. Cardio activities help you burn calories which in return [...]
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