Why do we need to exercise? Well, the health benefits of exercise are enormous; there is a lot we can achieve from exercising. Apart from the obvious reason of keeping our bodies fit, we’ll dig a little deeper to identify the actual benefits of exercise.

benefits of exercise

Βy exercising we avoid getting fat, or even acquiring belly fat. While that is perhaps one of the common benefits, when we exercise, we get more out of it than just staying fit. Living a non active lifestyle can increase the chance of health issues, possible diseases and sicknesses. As well as a lack of proper physique.

There are different ways people can exercise and above all, there are different ways in which we can stay fit. Physical exercise and mind exercise are two different but yet similar kinds of exercises that are both targeted towards keeping an individual healthy. This article, however, is going to concentrate on physical exercise and what we can achieve from it. Physical exercise involves actions taken by an individual so that the heart rate can increase for a while, as well as build muscle mass and bone density in some cases  in the process. During that time, any accumulated cholesterol inside the body is deposited on the necessary body parts like the muscles, so that the person can look and feel stronger and more muscular.

The benefits of exercise in terms of avoiding heart disease have been described as one reason that generally makes people join such programs like gym workouts. When you put your entire body to physical work on a regular basis, you are most likely to strengthen heart muscles, which in return will enable you to combat incidents such as higher blood pressure by increasing accumulation of good cholesterol to the respective body regions where as at the same time lowering bad cholesterol and in return getting rid of it completely. So what do you gain after applying exercise as a way of combating high blood pressure? The ideal advantage of trying to use exercise to strengthen your heart muscles and at the same time combat incidents of increased blood pressure, you are at the same time reducing chances of stroke, which means that you would not only avoid becoming a victim of high blood pressure, but you would also be safe from stroke, the deadliest of them all!

Diseases and health risks are what concern us right now as we try to evaluate benefits of exercise and perhaps why not only you, but the entire human race should take them into account. Type II diabetes is perhaps another reason you may want to become active. It is obvious that these days, office work is giving us less time to try and become part of the active community, however, those who have time for the gym have joined various programs so as to enhance their general health. Type II diabetes, which is connected to low insulin sensitivity due to accumulated high cholesterol levels can be fought and avoided through exercise. The idea is based on losing weight so as to increase insulin sensitivity while at the same time improve the amount of blood sugar within the body. People with diabetes should never have incidents of low insulin levels or high blood sugars and with exercise, they can stay safe.

Other benefits of exercise are related to dealing with cases of obesity. When you step onto a weighing machine, and hence take that weight and divide it with your height, the results you get should be proportional. If your BMI registers that you are overweight, then you need to do something about it. Worse yet, if it registers that you are obese, you should not only be thinking of doing something about it but also seeking help from a professional.

Exercise is better performed when you have an objective, and a coach can help you attain that objective. For this reason exercise will be one way towards restoring your normal self. BMI is an acronym that stands for body mass index, and if you want to live longer, then the body mass index should register you as normal.


benefits of exercise - bmi chart

BMI Chart


It has also been noted that exercise helps deal with back pain which is quite common among the aged, other than that, issues of back pain have also been reported among the youth and this is due to lack of exercise. To make sure that you keep fit at all times, and not just focus on the strong abdomen or the admirable posture, joining a fitness program can help you get the best out of the body and hence attract every eye as you pass. It is always nice when people comment positively about your body and physique in general.

When it comes to bone formation, then the kind of exercises we need to focus on aren’t just those engaging the body towards general activities, but rather those exercises that put the entire body to work and those include walking, jogging, running, sprinting, climbing stairs and any other general exercises that involve leg muscles such as dancing, lifting weights as well as mountain climbing. When your bones are strong enough, diseases or health issues related to osteoporosis would not be able to find their way to you. The general idea is not just to exercise without focusing on what you eat; you have to make sure that your diet is full of calcium as well as vitamin D.

It has also been stated that other than the physical benefits you achieve from exercising, other benefits of exercise are psychologically connected whereby you would be able to improve your general self esteem, as well as preventing cancer based conditions, which can be done through improving the overall immune functions. It is advisable to work out at least once each day for thirty minute or so in order to keep fit. If you cannot afford thirty minutes, fifteen minutes will do since the increase of heart rate through exercise no matter how small is vital.

So in short, we all need to get active, stay fit and live longer, healthier lives.