Cardio workout at home without any equipment


Most of the people strive to remain fit and healthy; the easiest way to do so is cardio workouts at home. Cardio exercise activities increase the heart rate and ensure calories burning process. Cardio activities help you burn calories which in return keep you slim and fit.  It is important to engage in cardio workouts at home at least two to three times a week.



Indoor cardio activities

Mountain Climber

One of the most common concerns of people is that they don’t want to invest heavily in cardio workout machines and equipment. Actually there are lots of things that you can do for cardio workouts at home without the need to go into extra expenditures. In a small room you can do mountain climbers’ exercise. To perform this exercise position your body in a push-up posture, align your arms and extend your legs. Keep your head aligned with the middle part of your body and contract your stomach muscles. Once you have taken the proper position, bring your right knee close to your chest and keep that position for a few moments and then return to the initial position. Continue this effective cardio workout at home by switching the right and left knees. Perform at least 3 sets of this exercise continuously for one minute. The pace is crucial in this workout and should be kept at a constant rate over the time of the exercise.

10 minute low impact cardio workouts at home

In this section a number of low impact and high intensity cardio workouts are included. These exercises of low impact and high intensity are performed for approximately one minute. Performing these low impact and high intensity exercises for 10 minutes is a great way to achieve a high cardio activity at home. These are the best low impact exercises to be performed at home.

Advance cardio blast workouts at home

The following cardio workouts at home are of a high impact and are especially designed to increase your heart rate.

Recommendations for cardio blast workouts:

  • Prior to starting the cardio blast exercises consult with your doctor
  • In case you are not feeling well during the high impact exercises, substitute it with low impact workouts like step, walking or running.
  • Make sure you are wearing appropriate athletic shoes which will help you during the workout session.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jack is one of the effective cardio workouts at home. Although it is a basic type of cardio activity exercise, it is considered to be very effective. To perform this exercise stand with your feet together and put your arms down by your sides.  In that position jump up and while jumping spread your legs out. Repeat this exercise for several times.


Do side hops

To perform this cardio workout at home stand on your feet with slightly bended knees. Now hop from side to side pushing off with the opposite foot. You can perform these hops forward, backward and up.