Exercise Routines

Exercises for Pecs

Exercises for Pecs at Home Exercises for Pecs can easily be done from the comfort of your home. The ideal way to work out your pecs is by using weight training exercises that target the muscle group.. To get balnced pecs you have to work consistently and regularly. In order to get strong, sculpted [...]

Exercises For Thighs

Thigh Exercises There is a well known proverb that goes something like this “Health is the vital principle of bliss; and experience of health”. These days it’s every man and woman’s dream to look slim and sexy to get the attention of the opposite sex. Whatever your reason is for wanting to stay [...]

Best Cardio Exercises

Best Cardio Exercises for Burning Fat A cardio workout is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Whether you want to lose fat or build up your body muscle mass, it is extremely beneficial to add a solid cardio vascular workout to your routine. The best thing about cardio exercise is [...]

Exercises for Biceps

In order to properly workout your bicep muscles, you must add specific exercises to your workout regime. We need to target this muscle group with exercises that target the bicep muscles. Whether you want to tone your arms, lose some unwanted fat, or bulk up those biceps, you’ll need to specifically [...]
tricep muscles

Exercises for Triceps

Exercises for triceps   The tricep is the largest muscle group in your arms. Whether you want to sculpt your arms or rid yourself of some flab in your arms, you cannot ignore working on your triceps. Exercises for triceps can be performed by using weight machines, free weights or resistance [...]
Exercises for Hips

Exercises for Hips

At Home Exercises For Hips  Hips can be a big problem for some people, especially for women. When this part of your body is not balanced, it is detrimental to your overall appearance. Most of the common exercises we perform are simply not enough to tone and sculpt your hips. A regular exercise [...]

Exercises For Lower Back

Exercises for lower back and lower back stretches are a great way to strengthen the core muscles of the lower back and at the same time help prevent lower back pain. These exercises are easy to perform at home, and additionally there is no need for expensive exercise equipment. Some instructions [...]
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