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6 Pack Abs [Video]

  A great workout that will help you get rid of love handles. Incorporate this in your daily exercise routine and get those 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted.   High Knees Elbows to Knees Opposite Elbow to Knee Leg Lifts Isolated Elbow to Knee pulses Side Knee Raise Twist Side Leg Raise to [...]

Burn Belly Fat [Video]

  Great video for those of you that are looking to burn some unwanted belly fat. This 8 minute workout is just what you need to trim the fat around your belly. If you are not in shape to complete the entire 8 minutes, start off with a couple minutes a day. Then slowly work you way up to the entire [...]
Total Body Workout Video

Total Body Workout – Video

30 Minute Total Body Workout Video Follow this full body workout routine and transform your body in less than 4 weeks, results may vary of course for each person, but stick to this program and with a healthy diet you WILL see results.

10 Minute – Fat Blasting Circuit – Workout Video

An effective ten minute workout video that will help you burn calories and shed the extra pounds.
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