Cellulite SolutionCellulite Solution

Without any doubt, cellulite is a major issue for most women today. It is an accumulation of fat cells under the tissues of the skin, giving it a lumpy and loosened look. In order to find a permanent cellulite solution, you should be patient and combine exercise, medical treatment and massages with a proper diet. Sometimes cellulite is genetically inherited, but often it is just the result of an unhealthy life style and bad eating habits. To get an insight on cellulite solution, read the following tips.

  • Cellulite Solution: Massagers

Massagers and rollers are electronic or manual devices, used to remove cellulite from specific areas of the body. There are several branded massagers available, many of high quality, that are quite popular. They improve blood circulation in the affected areas and help to dissolve cellulite. Many spas offer treatments combining exfoliants, oils and other moisturizers with massagers, for a fast cellulite solution.


  • Cellulite Solution: Creams

Caffeine, retinol and amino-phylline are the most effective ingredients in cellulite creams. These are used to reduce cellulite and accumulation of fat, at any age. Some popular cellulite removal creams are:

  1. Procellix
  2. Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Gel
  3. Revitol solution
  4. Dermology cellulite removal solution


  • Cellulite Solution: Vitamins

A healthy diet program, along with a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and proteins is the most drastic cellulite solution. If you lead a healthy life style and have a proper exercise routine, then cellulite is simply out of the picture. There are many vitamins, promising miraculous effects that can help you remove cellulite.


Cellulite Solution: Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 improves skin’s elasticity and prevents sagging. Many creams containing Vitamin B6 may be a basic cellulite solution. Moreover, foods rich in Vitamin B6, such as bananas, whole grains and fruits, should hold a key role to your daily diet.


Cellulite Solution: Vitamin C

Cellulite appearance is caused by stretched out collagen fibers and inflammatory cells. Vitamin C helps the skin regain its previous form, as it is essential for the synthesis of collagen. You can get vitamin C from citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, and broccoli.


Cellulite Solution: Vitamin A

Vitamin A has wonderful antioxidant properties, important for the connective tissues of the body, giving it a smooth and firm look. You may get Vitamin A from mangoes, liver, carrots and potatoes.


Cellulite Solution: Vitamin E

Vitamin E improves circulation in the affected areas of the body. Most beauty creams and products contain Vitamin E, due to its beauty effects. Tomatoes, seeds, nuts and pumpkins are the best ways to include Vitamin E to your diet.



A complete cellulite solution is not limited to cosmetic treatments and diet plans; it has to be combined with a regular exercise schedule and a healthy life style. Finally, you can get rid of cellulite if you are persistent enough and have a positive attitude.