Dangers of DietingThe Dangers of Dieting

No doubt, dieting is good for your health; however, an inappropriate diet may bring about various unfortunate results. Paying no attention to your body’s capabilities can prove quite dangerous. Thus, you should consult experts before following any new diet, so as to avoid all risks and dangers of dieting. Naturally, you can easily overcome some minor effects, like sore muscles or mood swings, but other, major issues may persist for a longer period. It is imperative to adjust your lifestyle and diet plans according to your physicians’ advice, and also be properly informed about all consequences and dangers of dieting. Some of the main dangers of dieting are listed below.


1) Metabolic System Disorders

One of the principal dangers of dieting concerns metabolic system anomalies; as time goes by, and you follow a series of crash and other rough diets, the decreased food intake affects drastically your metabolic rates. Due to the interruption of metabolic system functions, it’s actually very hard to loose weight. Beware, as this is of the trickiest dangers of dieting: at first, there may be some weight loss, but gradually these diets give more and more fats, and could even lead to obesity.

2) Heart Diseases

Extreme and prolonged dieting is often accompanied by heart diseases: when one gets less than 1,200 calories per day, heart does not get the enough potassium and all other minerals necessary, essential for heart muscles working efficiently. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to maintain the desirable minerals level in your diet. That is probably the most alarming dangers of dieting, involving heart failure and other complications that may prove fatale.

3) Effects on the Immune System

Before starting any kind of promising diet, be aware that one the main dangers of dieting concerns your immune system. The immune system weakens when dieting, as there is lack of essential nutrients, like vitamins C, A, E, calcium, potassium, magnesium and fibers. In crash diets, performance of the immune system drops radically, and as a result human body is more vulnerable to diseases.


Are you alarmed by the dangers of dieting? In case you are now rethinking your decision, keep in mind that if you adopt a new lifestyle, you can get a slimmer body without worrying about side effects and dangers of dieting. Instead of various exhausting and crash diets, you should better engage in a healthier routine and exercise activities that promote a healthy body and soul. In order to stay away from the dangers of dieting described in the article, drink plenty of water, since it keeps you hydrated and burns body fat. Avoid soft drinks and alcohol, as they can take a serious toll to your health. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet, as well as whole grains, herbal foods and white meat, all low in calories but high in nutritive values. The above may help you reduce weight and enjoy your new figure, in the absence of any of the dangers of dieting.