In order to properly workout your bicep muscles, you must add specific exercises to your workout regime. We need to target this muscle group with exercises that target the bicep muscles. Whether you want to tone your arms, lose some unwanted fat, or bulk up those biceps, you’ll need to specifically perform exercises that will target them directly. 

“What is the best time to workout my biceps?”

We get asked this often and I would like to clarify a little for everyone


Some experts suggest that the ideal time to blast your biceps with a good workout is early morning. Results will be superior to all other times of the day. However, because most people simply don’t have the time to add a workout to their morning routine, rest assured that great results can still be achieved working out in the afternoon, evening or even at night. Doing so in the morning is only considered the “ideal” time.

Let’s move on to some proven exercises that target the bicep muscles.

Barbell Curl

barbell curl - exercise for biceps

Using free weights is not the best way to go when trying to sculpt your biceps. Free weight exercises for biceps are more inclined towards “bulking up your bicep muscles”. A proven exercise for bulking your bis is the “Barbell Curl”. Break the workout up in 3 sets with each set consisting of 7 repetitions. To start this exercise, stand erect on your feet and slightly bend the knees while holding a barbell. Now, curl the barbell up, and then bring it back to the starting position all the while keeping your knees bent. What’s important while performing the barbell curl is to not jerk the weight up and down. You want to be in control of the weight and go through the motions slowly.

reverse grip curls

Reverse Grip on an EZ Curl Bar

Reverse Grip Curls

Basically what we want to do here is follow the same instructions as the barbell curl. The only difference is the way we will be holding the bar. Simply grab the barbell with both palms facing down. The way we hold the bar will enable other parts of the bicep to benefit from the workout. Your forearms will get a super workout as well. Feel that burn!


incline dumbbell curlsIncline Dumbbell Curls

Yet another very effective exercise for your biceps and targets a slightly different part of the bicep muscles. To perform the incline dumbbell curls simply sit on an inclined bench with an appropriate weight in each hand. You should have both dumbells lowered in the starting position but not touching the ground. Be sure you are comfortable with the weight you are about to use. Slowly raise the weight towards your shoulders, always being in complete control of the dumbell, then slowly lower the dumbbell to its original position.  Now the other arm. 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions is a great way to start. If you’re looking to bulk up then less repetitions with more weight are recommended. For those looking to tone your biceps, increase the repetitions and lower the weight. Always make sure you are in control of the weight you are planning on lifting. Especially with this exercise.


Supinating Dumbbell Curls on a Ball

Supinating dumbbell curls on ball is one of the most effective exercises for biceps and a personal favorite. Sit on the ball and hold both dumbbells in your hands. Curl both weights up at the same time and turn your arms up about halfway through the movement. I like to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.