At Home Exercises For Hips Exercises for Hips

Hips can be a big problem for some people, especially for women. When this part of your body is not balanced, it is detrimental to your overall appearance. Most of the common exercises we perform are simply not enough to tone and sculpt your hips. A regular exercise routine aimed towards sculpting our hips is essential to keep our hips in the best possible shape. In this article, you’ll find some great exercises that will keep your hips tone, firm and sexy.



Hip Abductor

To start, you can choose to use a rubber band to perform the hip abductor or you can begin without the use of the rubber band. For beginners, it is recommended to start without the rubber band or any extra resistance until you are comfortable with the motions.

To perform this exercise you may use a chair for extra balance and wrap the resistance band around the ankles. Always remember that tightening the band adds resistance. For beginners it is not recommended to push yourself too hard so start off with as little resistance as possible and work your way up as you start feeling more comfortable with this exercise and its motions.

Stand up. You can use a chair for extra balance.

Push your leg outwards in a manner in which the leg goes away from the other one.

Perform 3 to 4 sets.



Double Leg Lift 

Lie on your right side with your legs stacked on top of one another. Push yourself up on your right elbow. Rest the fingertips of your left hand in front of you for extra balance.

Now raise your left leg about twelve inches and then slowly raise your right leg to meet the left one. Hold this for about two seconds. Now lower each leg separately and repeat.


wall slide for hips


Wall Slide

The Wall slide is one of the most effective exercises for hips and it also helps strengthen your thighs. The good thing about this exercise is that it can be performed pretty much.

Stand up straight against any wall.

Now slowly slide down towards ground until your legs reach a 45 degree angle.

The wall slide exercise for hips doesn’t necessarily have any set repetition restrictions. You can perform this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable.