Exercises for Pecs at Home

Exercises for Pecs can easily be done from the comfort of your home. The ideal way to work out your pecs is by using weight training exercises that target the muscle group.. To get balnced pecs you have to work consistently and regularly. In order to get strong, sculpted pecs you have to target the muscles 3 days a week. Because this is a rather large muscle group it is advised to rest the muscles every other day to give them a chance to rebuild after your workout.

Incline PushupsIncline Push-Ups

The incline push-up is aimed at training your lower half pectoral muscles, This exercise is easier to perform than the full push up and it enables you to better target the bottom of your pecs. To perform this exercise, stand on your feet while facing the low platform of your bench or table. While resting your palms on the edge, get your body in the push up position, while keeping your legs, arms and torso straight.  Now bend your elbow and lower your upper body until it reaches close to the platform. You should feel a stretch across your chest while performing this exercise. Try to accomplish 12 repetitions in each set and complete about 3 sets.


Decline push up

This particular exercise is designed especially for adding bulk to the upper portion of you pecs. To start this exercise adopt a full push up stance with your feet resting on the bench or stair. In that particular way your legs and torso make a straight horizontal position or line while your arms are also straight. Now in this position bend your body towards the floor until you feel a pull across in your entire upper chest area. In same way push back your body and again repeat the exercise. Repeat this exercise 12 times as well, you can increase the intensity of the exercise in a way that your feet are on a higher platform so your body position makes more of a decline position.

Decline Pushups

Dumbbell press

The dumbbell press can also be done at home easily and it is one of the best exercises for Pecs. This exercises can be carried out while lying on the floor, however it can be more intense when you perform it on a cushion, bench or stability ball. The intensity of exercises increases on bench or stability ball because your body is more expended in that way. To perform this exercise for Pecs lie flat on bench and hold a medium range dumbbell in both hands. Push the dumbbells up straight to your chest level until your arms are completely straight, then lower the dumbell back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise 12 times and complete about 3 sets.

Dumbell Press