How to Tone Your LegsHow To Tone Your Legs: Info & Tips

How to tone your legs? That’s a common question amongst most overweight people. Toning your legs and thighs may be a difficult process, as it requires devotion and proper scheduling. Especially women suffer the most, for it’s essential but quite hard to get in shape. How to tone your legs then? A combination of exercises, specifically targeting leg muscles, will provide you with best results, such as squats, leg extensions and leg lifts. If you yearn for some useful advice on how to tone your legs with optimum results, a few fun exercises are listed below.

1) Squats

Are you looking how to tone your legs in a flash? Squats are considered the best exercise for getting sculpted legs. How to tone your legs with a squat programme? Stand with your back against the wall and take a deep breath. Inhale slowly and as you inhale lower the rear end towards the floor. When your knees approach a 90 degree angle, exhale gently. Now push your body back to the initial position, and repeat 10 times for a complete set. You should have at least 3 sets, 3 to 5 times per week.

2) Leg extensions

How to tone your legs with leg extensions? That’s a relatively easy exercise to perform, with great effects on your thigh muscles. Lay down on your stomach, on a towel or yoga mat and extend your legs fully behind your body, keeping both hands at the sides. Inhale slowly and as you exhale extend your legs up, using your thigh muscles. Inhale your breath and lower down your legs to the floor. For best results, you should have at least 2 sets of leg extensions, each set consisting of about 10 repetitions.

3) Walking 

Walking is a great cardiovascular activity, and it’s highly recommended if you are looking how to tone your legs effortlessly. It’s the best alternative for all those uninterested in gym workouts and demanding strength training programmes. How to tone your legs by walking? When you first start your walking schedule, make sure you keep your pace consistent and slow, then gradually increase the intensity of your walks. Initially, have a walking session of 10 minutes, and steadily add 5 minutes to the original time, so it is going to be easier for you to tone your legs.