A Realistic Guide to Stronger AbsStronger Abs

Which part of your body would you like to change? Most probably, that would be your abs. While everybody wishes for sculpted and stronger abs, it is actually really hard to get stronger abs in a short period of time. What is then the best method for first-rate, stronger abs? You will find a load of equipment available; books, tutorials and electric gadgets, all claiming quick results, but do they really work? Sure, but that requires exhausting workout sessions, as the target isn’t just a flat stomach but also stronger abs and a six-pack. Some may argue it only takes a few minutes daily for stronger abs, and others say that fat burning pills work for them, but is that realistic? Here, we present you some common false impressions, and the relevant guidelines to tone your stomach muscles and achieve stronger abs.

To begin with, you have to understand your body structure; your abs are located right in the middle/ midsection of the body. The abdominal area consists of the external oblique, transverse abdominis, internal oblique and rectus abdominis muscles. A common misconception regarding abs, is that it’s all about appearance, but as matter of fact, having stronger abs would help your body balance and posture. As your abdominal area is the central part of your body, if it stays fit, you will be healthy and dynamic in your daily activities.

How to Strengthen your Abs

It may seem quite difficult to get stronger abs in 2 weeks, but if you combine a disciplined exercise plan with a proper diet schedule, you can definitely have chiseled and stronger abs that fast.

First of all, in order to get shaped and stronger abs, you have to burn body fat. As the fat gathered around the abdominal area
doesn’t allow a properly shaped six-pack, you should concentrate on gym workouts that are specifically designed for the abs and abdomen. A 40’ to 60’ min cardio-exercises session can burn enough fat, as long as you repeat the program 5 to 6 times a week. A great example is rowing, that burns fats and tones your abdominal area, promising stronger abs in a flash.

Rowing Exercise No equipment


In order to get stronger abs, side raises may be really helpful, as they transform your oblique muscles or “love handles”. In this exercise, you have to lie on your back and pull your legs to your abs, keeping your knees at 90 degrees; that way, your abdominal muscles are toned and eventually you get stronger abs. Alternatively, you can bend your legs at about 45 degrees, and twist your legs to both sides.


Finally, a healthy diet plan is extremely important; you should eat nutritious meals, so as to get the energy to build stronger abs. Beware though, as more than just the absolutely necessary quantities will block the fat burning procedure. A balanced complex of carbohydrates and proteins is highly recommended. Avoid sugar and other refined foods, and don’t forget to include fruits and vegetables in your daily schedule.