Various warm up exerciseswarm up exercises

Warming up is a vital part of physical activity or exercise. Proper warm up exercises increase your body vitality and muscle elasticity. They are important for increasing the blood flow in the human body, while loosening up the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. According to the American Academy of Orthopedics, warm up exercises are essential prior to starting any kind of exercise session. According to most fitness magazines, a three to five minute warm up exercise is sufficient in order to prepare your body for physical workouts.

Walking and running

Walking is a healthy and easy activity almost everyone can perform. To warm up your body, walking at an easy pace is quite suitable. Walking on your heels warms up the front part of your body. If you have problems with walking on your heels, do not perform this exercise. Running has always been the preferred and effective way for warming up your body for a workout. Running at a slower pace is very effective in order to warm up your entire body. You are not required to run a very long distance, 100 meters is enough if you are a beginner.


Jumping is another effective warm up exercise as it simultaneously warms up several parts of your body. Skipping rope or jumping jacks will work very well. You can warm up both your upper and lower body at the same time with approximately 10 to 20 jumping jacks. If you are unable to perform jumping jacks you can simply do the squats, also do consider adding rope jumping in your warm up routine. It’s as easy as singing twinkle, twinkle little star…



Warming up with light weights (five to eight pounds) is very suitable if you are going to lift twenty pounds in your workout schedule. For warm up exercises you can also use bicep and triceps curls which will warm up your upper body.

Arm circles

If you are planning to go biking or skiing, the arm circle exercise can be the best warm up exercise. To perform this exercise circle your arms from one side to the other and make sure to increase the pace. You can also do exhalations and inhalations exercises which are very helpful when prepping yourself for a workout.


Some gym warm up exercises

Aerobics: Running is considered the best prior to starting aerobics program. This can be done indoors. Typically gym or fitness centers will also offer treadmills (running machines)

Cardio: If you want to perform cardio warm up exercises the exercise bikes are the best to perform this particular activity.



Stretching: after proper warm up in a gym or fitness center you are supposed to stretch your muscles. Stretching is not only a good warm up exercise but it also prevents gym workout injuries.