Workout For BeginnersA Complete Workout Plan for Beginners

Establishing a proper workout plan for beginners is definitely a tricky task, as there are no specific directions and guidance. An appropriate workout plan for beginners consists of well-rounded exercises, like flexibility training, strength training, weight training and cardio exercises. The incorporation of all these exercises to your daily routine may be quite confusing.  First of all, a workout plan for beginners should concentrate on improving heart rates and breathing techniques, and then on shaping different parts of the body. Adding resistance training will help you safeguard your metabolic system and eventually lose some weight. In order to eliminate beginners’ pressure, here are some useful tips for a complete workout plan for beginners.

1) Monitor Your Heart Rates

For a proper workout plan for beginners, it is critical to have realistic knowledge of your fitness level. For that purpose, you should count your heartbeat, by placing two fingers to the cartiod artery. Just count for 6 seconds and then multiply by 10. In general, the recommended resting heart rates are about 70bpm. In case the figure is far from the desirable, consult your physician before engaging in any exercise activity.

2) Start slowly

According to the United States Doctors Association, a minimum of 30 minutes is enough for a workout plan for beginners. So when you first start with your workout plan, just perform an exercise activity of 10 minutes power walking, twice a day. Gradually increase the limit to 60 minutes per day, as recommended by the USDA. It may be helpful to keep record of your exercise plan and weekly workout duration on a notebook. A workout plan for beginners may also include a 20 minutes cycling session, combined with a few cardio exercises, for about 30 minutes.

3) Resistance training

For a complete workout plan for beginners, resistance training is essential for building lean muscles and reducing weight. If you are totally out of shape, add 2-lb or 4-lbs weight lifting to your workout plan. You may also find several fitness centers and gyms providing you with expert assistance on the spot, and that would be quite supportive for setting up a personalized workout plan for beginners.

Other info

Walking: it’s the activity most often included in any workout plan for beginners; while walking, all body muscles are toned. Walking has to do more with your thighs, legs, abs and the core muscles of your body. For an effective workout session, get a pedometer and track how much you walk during the day.

Cycling: if you already have a bike, keep in mind that cycling is one of the best exercises for beginners.  It is about a great cardiovascular activity, exercising all main body muscles. You may choose from indoors and outdoors cycling, according to your own needs and demands.